case problem: investment strategy

Project Description:

the grading rubric is as follows:

data presentation (format, graphs, charts, etc.) 40%
interpretation/analysis 50%
writing style/professional appearance 10%
naturally, if your graphs, charts, etc are incorrect then that will impact your analysis.
the tasks should be done in word/excel with screen shots included.
the entire task is worth 25 points. there are 5 questions, each worth 5 points.

must create a spreadsheet model with excel for the questions question with the data provided. i will include a past task as an example of what it should look like. i also have other relevant data for each question as well. the task must include the spreadsheet created with microsoft excel and a word document with written answers to each question. the word doc i provided has some of the answer to each question. i need it presented in a better format.

j. d. williams, inc., is an investment advisory firm that manages more than $120 million in funds for its numerous clients. the company uses an asset allocation model that recommends the portion of each client’s portfolio to be invested in a growth stock fund, an income fund, and a money market fund. to maintain diversity in each client’s portfolio, the firm places limits on the percentage of each portfolio that may be invested in each of the three funds. general guidelines indicate that the amount invested in the growth fund must be between 20% and 40% of the total portfolio value. similar percentages for the other two funds stipulate that between 20% and 50% of the total portfolio value must be in the income fund and at least 30% of the total portfolio value must be in the money market fund.

answer the following questions:
1. recommend how much of the $800,000 should be invested in each of the three funds. what is the annual yield you anticipate for the investment recommendation?
2. assume that the client's risk index could be increased to 0.055. how much would the yield increase, and how would the investment recommendation change?
3. refer again to the original situation, where the client's risk index was assessed to be 0.05. how would your investment recommendation change if the annual yield for the growth fund were revised downward to 16% or even to 14%?
4. assume that the client expressed some concern about having too much money in the growth fund. how would the original recommendation change if the amount invested in the growth fund is not allowed to exceed the amount invested in the income fund?
5. the asset allocation model you developed may be useful in modifying the portfolios for all of the firm's clients whenever the anticipated yields for the three fundsare periodically revised. what is your recommendation as to whether use of this model is possible?
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