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writing the case study [adapted from buchbinder et al., 2014]: (a) include a background statement to introduce what you will write about. summarize the scenario, but do not restate the scenario. identify key points, the stakeholders, setting and situation. (b) discuss the specific issue and secondary issues and how they relate. support your analysis and explain your reasoning. (c) describe the role perspective contributing to your solution, identifying strengths and weaknesses. (d) describe alternatives and the pros and cons of these. (e) end with a conclusion that addresses how to evaluate the effectiveness of the solution or describe how effective measures should be measured. some case studies may conclude with a discussion of implications from the case.

papers should include a title page, 2-4 pages of writing, and a reference list. double-space, using times new roman 12 pnt font, one-inch margins, and apa style of writing and citations.
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