case study

Project Description:

i need to write 2 pages to analyze this case it should include these 5 parts in the paper
part 1.
1. problem definition
• difference between task and a problem
• who has the problem
• each people have difference problems
• identify who has the real problem
• which is the critical problem
• effective problem
when you start the problem definition, you need to start with as …………………………., my problem is ….
note: for the problem definition it should be one sentence.
part 2.
2. goal
• what you hope to accomplish from this situation
when you write about the goal start with my goal is ……………………
note : make sure to write one sentence for the goal

part 3.
• only one recommendation

note: all 3 parts cannot be more than one page.

part 4. implementation
• need to accomplish 4 things in this section
• provide specific actions you will take to implement your recommendation
• identify the key resisters
• indicate how you will overcome resistance, ex: what additional actions you will take to deal with and reduce / eliminate resistance
• indicate what problems you are creating with this solution.
part 4 should be one page

for this case i need to do it both way first way is conley 's problem and second way is dan's problem so each one should be same format and 2 pages
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