case study

Project Description:

case study
- read the case study carefully and take notes.
- identify the problems in the situation presented in the scenario
-analyze the key issues within the context of the marketing concepts presented in the course
-develop and compare alternative solutions to the problem
-consider the advantages and disadvantages of various possible solutions
-select the best solution an make recommendations for actions.
for this particular case study
analyze the following case study, eurodisney, pp 233-249
address the following questions in the body of your case study
1. what suggestions do you have for fostering a climate of sensitivity and goodwill in dealing with the french?
2. "mickey mouse" and the disney park are an american cultural abomination." evaluate this statement.
3. could a better reading of the impact of cultural differences on revenues have been achieved?
for grading
1. title page with my name
2. references using apa in-text citations
3. written in essay format with at least three sections, a 150 word introduction, content, and wrap-up or summary.
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