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case study 9.1 rough justice
in a juvenile institution
joe is a corrections officer in a juvenile detention center and works on a unit
housing 15 young offenders, many of whom suffer mental health problems. joe
has worked at the institution for about two months, he feels comfortable with
the job, and he has been accepted by the other staff and he admires them for
the skills they show. he has not had any significant problems with the juveniles
and is generally enjoying the work and is learning skills on the job.
it is lunch time on monday, and joe is in the dining room supervising the
juveniles as they eat their lunch. at one table sit six juveniles, one of whom is a
17-year-old named brian who joe thinks has a developmental disability. brian displays
offensive table manners, which on this day put joe off his own meal. brian
keeps adding ketchup in vast quantities to every dish and slurping it from the
plate. he also uses his hands instead of his fork, keeps talking while he is eating,
and spits food across the table. joe can see that the other juveniles are repulsed
by this behavior in the same way that he is.
joe is surprised to see his co-worker, daren, suddenly get up from the
table, go over to brian, grab him by the shirt collar, and move him away from
the table. daren takes brian off to the kitchen and returns with a large mixing
bowl. he then tells brian to scrape out what is left of his meal into the
bowl and, taking brian to the center of the dining room, he puts the bowl on
the floor and tells brian to eat. he tells him he has disgusting manners and if
he is going to eat like a dog at the table, he might as well get down on the
floor like a real dog. he tells him to stay down there until he has licked his
bowl clean.
joe does not react to these events. later daren explains to joe and other
staff members who were present that the reason he acted in that way with brian
was to shock him into understanding that his table manners were highly offensive.
he thought that if he used "tough love" on brian in that way, brian would
be less likely to alienate his co-detainees, and this might help him get through
the experience of being in the institution.
examine the case from the perspective of : ethical relativism.
write a 250-300-word analysis in which you determine how ethical relativism support or condemn the conduct in the selected case study. recommend from your analysis which ethical theory resolves the particular ethical issue or issues of the case.
due saturday may 23
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