case study 1: water scarcity

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are you good in mac economics? can you do this for me?

as part of a discussion about natural resources and scarcity, view the following video clip (if you are unable to open by clicking the link, copy and paste the link into a new browser window).

there was no law to monitor or control the water coming out of these communities. society entrusts the government to be responsible for overseeing the environmental conditions of the state. in response to this issue, hotly contested house bill 6443 was introduced in the michigan house of representatives. many claimed it was a way for government to control the way well water households consume water, and add a tax to that water. house bill 6443 did not pass.

view house bill 6443 by clicking the following link:

write a reflection on the video and discuss the following:

clearly define the problem presented in the video.
what was your initial response to the video?
what role do you think the government has to manage or not to manage scarce resources like water? consider whether the needs of the local residents or the needs of the company are of greater social and economic consequence?
what problem did house bill 6443 try to address?
was it an appropriate solution for the problem?
how might it solve the problem presented?
what might have been the unintended consequences had the bill passed?
do you believe the bill should have been passed?

length suggestion: 1-2 pages. be sure to follow apa format.
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