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there is only two questions , business level strategy; current topic:differentiation through corporate social.
the report should include between 850 and 1000 words long and and make sure to run the plagiarism report , professor is very strict in this matter.

1.imagine you were a business policy and strategy consultant during the time setting for the genzyme case. you have been hired by genzyme’s ceo to make recommendations to the company on which of the three initiatives (malaria, tuberculosis or chagas) it should pursue. you were on the conference call meeting mentioned on page 1, and you have reviewed all other information presented in the case. after analyses, which of the three initiatives would you recommend, and which would you not recommend - from a strategic management perspective? explain your choices and support your responses using provided data in the case. should genzyme go about implementing your recommendations? what resources, capabilities, and core competencies should be used?
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