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Project Description:

1. read the following article about the new circle with disney product and answer the following questions. in doing so, take on the role as the marketing manager responsible for the product and develop a comprehensive integrated marketing communication strategy, distribution strategy, and pricing strategy that you feel will lead to success in the marketplace.
(70 points).
please limit your response for question 1 to no more than 8 pages total (you certainly do not have to use all 8 pages, but any response that is longer will have points deducted). you should single space your response and use at least an 11-point font with 1-inch margins.

a. who is the target market for the circle with disney? provide a definition of the primary and secondary target markets. how should the product be positioned within the market relative to competition? develop a formal positioning statement for the product. (8 points)
b. develop an integrated marketing communication plan for the circle with disney. be sure to address the following (be specific and discuss how the actions proposed will reach the target market): (20 points)
i. overall imc strategy and goals
ii. consumer promotion elements
1. advertising
2. public relations
3. personal selling
4. consumer sales promotions
iii. trade (channel) promotion elements
1. advertising
2. public relations
3. personal selling
4. trade promotion
c. given the characteristics of the product and the nature of the purchase decision process, which strategy do you think this company should focus on when promoting their product – push versus pull. why? how does the integrated marketing communication plan you have developed support your answer? (6 points)
d. what type of growth strategy is disney pursuing with their partnership with circle? does this partnership reflect a change from their current target market and marketing strategy? why or why not? (4 points)
e. formulate a distribution strategy for the circle with disney product. in your response, you should: (20 points)
i. discuss the supply chain strategy
ii. define the supply chain partners that should be utilized (the length of the supply chain)
iii. outline and discuss the functions those partners should perform
iv. discuss distribution intensity
be specific in your response and provide justification for your answers.
f. what pricing strategy are managers considering with respect to this product? what pricing strategy would you use? (12 points)
i. how does the pricing strategy developed relate to where the product is in the product life cycle? the positioning of the product?
ii. what are the advantages and disadvantages associated with the pricing strategy being considered?
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