case study 5-2 carnival cruise lines: fire aboard a stranded cruise ship

Project Description:

writing task
please respond in writing to the issues presented in this case by preparing two documents: a
communication strategy memo and a professional business letter.
in preparing these documents, you may assume one of two roles: you may identify
yourself as a carnival corporation senior manager who has been asked to provide advice to mr.
gerry cahill regarding the issues he and his company are facing. or, you may identify yourself
as an external management consultant who has been asked by the company to provide advice to
mr. cahill.
either way, you must prepare a strategy memo addressed to gerry cahill, president and
ceo, carnival cruise lines, that summarizes the details of the case, rank orders the critical
issues, discusses their implications (what they mean and why they matter), offers specific
recommendations for action (assigning ownership and suspense dates for each), and shows how
to communicate the solution to all who are affected by the recommendations.
you must also prepare a professional business letter for mr. cahill’s signature. that
document should be addressed to all carnival splendor cruisers who have been inconvenienced
or disappointed by the events described in the case.
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