case study is an it risk assessment report

Project Description:

• the final assessment is to deliver an it risk assessment case study in support of a significant technology decision that is to be taken by a fictional company called abc that operates in the australian financial services sector.
senior executives in both business and technology divisions within abc have decided below project could be potentially funded for deployment.
• migrating business-critical applications and their associated data sources to an external cloud hosting solution
this project carries significant it risks which will need to be managed to support the business case as to whether the project should go forward. in this case study you are the it risk assessment lead at abc, and your role is to be the interface between business stakeholders and technologists, translating potential technical difficulties into risk language to facilitate effective decision-making by stakeholders.
your deliverable for this case study is an it risk assessment report, written for the intended audience of abc management providing a risk assessment of the project you have selected to consider.
your report must be a microsoft word document, 15 – 25 pages in length at 12 point font and single spacing. the report must address the following criteria:
• an executive summary at the beginning of the report which provides a clear statement of the it technology project that is being assessed, and an overview of your recommendations to abc management as to the merits of the project based on your risk assessment (2 – 3 pages in length).
• a review of the project with respect to the financial services sector, which would include any relevant government or industry regulation or compliance, and any established best practices (2 – 3 pages in length).
• a review of the project impact on the current security posture of abc, as expressed by its current maturity against it security policies and procedures (3 – 5 pages in length)
• a risk assessment based on threats, vulnerabilities and consequences derived from an it control framework and any existing industry risk recommendations for the project. for example, there are several consortia for cloud computing that have created it risk assessments for this technology (4 – 10 pages in length)
• specially address risks for data security from the viewpoint in the project of what data will be used, who will have access to the data and where will the data will flow (2 – 4 pages in length)

• to assess that the student has a holistic grasp of it risk assessment techniques and issues, which can then be applied to produce valuable support for decision-makers
• develop an it risk assessment opinion from both a bottom-up perspective of assessing controls, threats and vulnerabilities, and translate these findings into business risk language.
• deliver an it risk assessment based on a proposed business project that required technical risk to be assessed and managed.

due 29th of jan
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