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hi expert, here's another one that you can submit in 5 days. for this task, i need a 5-page case study on an organization that talks about integrating analytics into a corporate culture. the focus of this task is not to report upon an actual company but rather to create a fictitious but realistic example that integrates all of the core components that need to be considered and handles issues that might arise when a firm implements integrating analytics. you can borrow ideas and details from as many companies as you wish to create the type of organization in which the case analysis demonstrates what you want it to. the topics that your company will be required to address must be based upon reality. the task should focus on the following elements: 1-introduction: provide a brief overview of your business, describe the organization and key executives who were involved, outline the most important issues for the client organization, clearly communicate the value that your organization delivered and include some background information that may be relevant. for example, ‘recent merger resulting in a major review of all systems and processes’.2-body: ensure your case study includes the following 5 key sections: problem, analysis of alternatives, recommended solution, implementation and results associated with marketing data integration within your fictitious company or organization. 3-outcome discussion: this section presents a plan to address issues associated with data integration as well as a discussion about the various plan components and methods to handle the issues that were outlined previously. this is the most important section because it demonstrates your understanding of analytics and how to integrate them. 4-conclusion abstract: this is a one-paragraph conclusion to the case you have just written about. this is meant to cover the core considerations and summarize what you have just completed. for this my budget is $85. please let me know if you can have this one done or not.
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