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here is a case study for my class. i am attaching the article that i chose to do my reading response on. i need it done by 11/9/2015

you are required to choose one (1) article from the readings for this week (attached in pdf) to write your critical reading response for submission. that is, answering the questions listed below, write a reading response of 2- 3 pages on one of the articles from the following list of articles. as this is your final reading task for the semester, please take care to use any supporting information ( clearly referenced using apa style) that you are familiar with primarily other articles/case studies discussed in class during the semester.

answer the following questions regarding your chosen article. present your answers using paragraphs. be sure to provide details to your answers:

• what is the purpose of the reading? what does the author seem to be trying to accomplish?
• what point of view or perspective does the reading seem to take or promote? what questions does it raise but leave unanswered?
• is the reading relatively clear or unclear, deep or superficial, one-dimensional or multi-dimensional, strong or weak, insightful and complex or simple and biased?
• what are the major health policy issues that appear in the article-including who is affected by the issue and how.
• what are the legal and ethical issues that appear in the article representative of the 4 ethical principles – give a specific example from the article of how it is represented in the article.

• how is the reading similar to other sources of information that you are familiar with (written, filmed, televised, etc.)? especially important are the cases discussed in class and in your text: how does the reading relate to others that we have studied in our course?
• how does the reading relate to your own life experiences, ideas, values, etc.?

• should the policy presented here be changed?
• what do you think the policy should be?

• what are your recommendation(s) "fixes” to the policy issue?

• how is the ethical issue taken into account in your recommendation?

***your paper must be spell- and grammar-checked and carefully proofread before it is submitted. a few common grammatical errors: do not use contractions, e.g., doesn't, for formal writing. do not end a sentence with a preposition, e.g., to, for.
the narrative of your paper needs to be paginated, i.e., have page numbers. your answers should be typed (double spaced at about 275 words per page, 1 inch margins on top, bottom, and sides, and in 12pt. font, times new roman.
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