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the case in week 6 takes us into the nearly uncharted waters of chartered accountancy: prye, byll and runne, chartered accountants.

rely on the case (attached pdf) for details of their current status, mode of operating, and issues. at the same time, do not hesitate to snoop around to see how the real world works for mid-size companies of this sort.

with market growth and turnover as it is described, how should pbr approach growth? we are quite hard pressed at times, but we don’t turn work away, spencer sums up. is he nuts? does he know a hawk from a handsaw? is there is method in his madness?

from statements of management and workers, pbr seems to have a good atmosphere, and a pretty good grip on things in general. the systems all seem to work and no one is complaining – what, if anything, should change? please select at least three analysis techniques from our textbook and use them to show that a specific change is unwise, or that specific changes should be initiated.
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