case study – using ms office 2010 / 2013 / 365

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students are expected to conduct external research to adequately address all aspects of the task requirements. it is suggested that students use a computer manufacturer's site (i.e., apple, dell, toshiba) to help in identifying all the components needed to meet the director's requirements. remember, although there are 5 computers to be purchased, you are required to configure only one, as the same one may be purchased for all 5 employees. any outside sources should be correctly cited in apa style at the end of the table. students will need to include specific requirements from the case study to show why each item is being recommended. each element listed below must be incorporated into the task. omissions will result in loss of points.
make and model and description are required, when at all possible. for example, if the solution suggested is a 32” ibm monitor, say so. do not just say monitor because that does not provide sufficient information for a purchase. it is not necessary, for example, to identify the make and model of a usb port.
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