case task # 2

Project Description:

for this task, you will read and analyze two short cases in the textbook:

"boeing's high-flying approach to hr planning & recruitiment" (ch. 5, page 162)

"kinaxis chooses sales reps with personality" (ch. 6, page 196)

respond to the questions at the end of both cases. your responses should be brief but clearly focused. answer the questions that are asked and don't include irrelevant information.

important: absolutely do not copy/paste sentences/paragraphs from the case, the textbook, or any external source. your response should be in your own words as much as possible. if you copy/paste from external sources you are guaranteed a poor grade. in addition, copying/pasting without appropriate citing and referencing is plagiarism.

important: number your responses. if you do not number your responses, i will not read your paper and it will be returned to you with a '0'. this is the first thing i will look for when i open your file.

your paper should be no longer than one page, single-spaced, 12-pt font, and submitted in word format. use arial, calibri, or times new roman font. (no weird fonts please!)
be sure you read and analyze the correct cases! there are several cases at the end of each chapter!

if you need help or have questions, please ask, but don't wait until the last minute.

your task will be graded as follows:

did you answer each question clearly and specifically? (as opposed to a fluffy or vaguely worded response that doesn't make sense or doesn't answer the question).
did you demonstrate an understanding of the relevant chapter concepts related to the case?
was your paper well-written and free of writing errors?
did you write in your own words rather than "borrowing" from external sources?
did you number your responses and follow all other instructions?
here the e-book information
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password: november21

i need it in 2-3 hours.
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