case that led to the collapse of the caregroup's network.

Project Description:

in this task you will review and assess the issues in your textbook case 2-1 that led to the collapse of the caregroup's network.

1.using the text information, critically assess the events surrounding case study 2-1 and defend your position. sure to address the following: could management have avoided the events that led to the outage?
b.comment on the 10 lessons that were learned as a result; which were the most critical and why?

3.your deliverable should be formatted in fully-compliant apa style, consisting of: a.a title page. least four pages of double-spaced content with properly formatted in-text citations.
c.a references page.

4.use a minimum of five in-text citations derived from two references in apa style. a.use resources from the jiu library to support your assertions.
b.references and citations are required, in accordance with jiu's policy on plagiarism.

5.submit to your instructor for review.

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