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review the articles "no more mr. nice guy" and "a tough act to follow" (both available on the website with these articles and other current research that you find, develop a written response using the following points of discussion:

a. what place do ethics have in the world of accounting?

b. what is sarbanes-oxley? why was it established? how has it impacted today's business world?

c. identify a biblical example (either positive or negative) that connects with the concept of ethics in accounting.

d. identify a "real-world" example or personal experience that correlates with the topic of ethical conduct as it relates to finances or financial information.

the writing task must be type-written and should include headings/sub-headings to develop a professionally structured paper. there is no page requirement for these tasks; however, ensure that all questions for the task are answered. students are encouraged to apply class material and real-world examples in answering the questions as well as additional resources to further support any conclusions.
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