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#19-12 the boswell medical center is the only hospital in a rural community. it requires significant janitorial services to clean its buildings and equipment. it also requires a relatively large lab for conduction tests of various types (for example, mris, blood tests, and ultrasound tests). do you think boswell is more likely to outsource its janitorial services or lab work? explain.

#19-9 bqt manufacturing produces electric lamps. to produce these lamps, bqt must either make or acquire bases for the lamps. currently, the company outsources the production of the bases for their lamps to the ace lamp company. bqt maintains ownership of the machinery that is used to produce the bases. ace uses bqt’s machines at plants owned by ace.
a. why do you think bqt is subcontracting the production of the bases?
b. why do you think bqt maintains ownership of the production equipment?
c. what problems might be cause by bqt’s maintaining ownership of the production equipment?
d. what might bqt do to reduce the magnitude of these problems
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