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Project Description:

create a checklist of the actions required following a workplace accident. the list should include the initial response, investigation, and all additional actions.

a checklist is a numbered list of specific steps that must be taken to:

• complete a specific action or job.
• ensure compliance to specific criteria.
• meet a specific goal, quality, or quantity.

these steps should be annotated with a check mark upon completion. a box or ( ) may be placed next to each item into which the check mark would be placed.

also, note:

there's no pre-set length. the checklist should be long enough to contain the many required actions that would be taken by first responders, the people designated to investigate, and the "wrap-up". most checklists i've received in previous terms have been between 1-2 pages. here's an example of a good format:

___ secure accident scene if possible ( )
___ determine injuries, begin first aid if necessary ( )
___ call 911, if necessary ( )
___ notify victim(s)’ supervisor ( )
___ notify victim(s)’ emergency contact, if necessary ( )
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