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1. label each of the following as soluble or insoluble in water. a. agno3 __________________ b. naoh __________________ c. pbcl2 __________________ 2. write the complete ionic and net ionic equations for the following reaction/ pb(no3)2 (aq) + 2 kbr (aq) à pbbr2 (s) + 2 kno3 (aq) 3. identify the following types of reactions as precipitation, acid/base neutralization or oxidation reduction a. hbr (aq) + koh (aq) à h2o (l) + kcl(aq) ____________________ b. pb(no3) (aq) + kcl (aq) à pbbr2 (s) + kno3 (aq) ___________________ c. ch4 (g) + o2 (g) à co2 (g) + h2o (g) ___________________ 4. what is the volume that is occupied by 2 moles of gas at stp? a. 22.4 l b. 2,240 l c. 44.8 l d. 4,480 l 5. a mixture of three gases (cl2, o2 and no) has a total pressure of 2.5 atm. what is the partial pressure of the cl2 gas if the pressure of o2 is 0.9 atm and the pressure of the no gas is 1.5 atm? 6. what is the pressure of 5 moles of cl2 gas in a 5.0 l flask at a temperature of 300 k? 7. consider what happens when 150 ml of 0.10 m hbr and 430 ml of 0.06 m koh are combined. a. write a balanced chemical equation for this neutralization reaction. b. which will remain in excess, hcl or naoh? what is the concentration, in molarity, of the remaining acid or base after mixing? 8. a piece of copper weighs 125 g. if 1.33 x 104 j heat is needed to raise the temperature of the copper from 25 c to 300 c, what is the specific heat, c, of copper? a. 133.0 j/(g*k) b. 387.0 j/(g*k) c. 0.387 j/(g*k) d. 1330.0 j/(g*k) 9. calculate the δh for the following reaction: co (g) + 2 h2 (g) à ch3oh (g) using hess’s law and the following reactions: 2c (s) + o2(g) à 2co (g) δh = - 221.0 kj 2c (s) + o2 (g) + 4h2 (g) à 2ch3oh (g) δh = -402.4 kj 10. draw bohr’s model of the atom. describe the bohr model of the atom and its limitations. what changes did quantum theory make to the concept of electrons and orbitals? 11. why does an electron seem to deviate from predictable “newtonian physics”?
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