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cisco telepresence: the “as if you were there” technologyresearch demonstrates that visual clues—such as raising an eyebrow or slumping the shoulders—comprise more than 50 percent of the information conveyed in a conversation. unfortunately, until now, video technologies failed to provide the necessary fidelity to transmit these revealing clues effectively. however, cisco systems has created a two-way video communications system that preserves all those important nuances, in the process pioneering a new form of digital communications that rivals the effectiveness of in-person meetings. twenty-five patents are pending for the cisco telepresence “as if you were there” technology. one industry analyst observed that video conferencing is like riding a 10-speed bike while telepresence is like driving a ferrari. benefits by reducing the need for in-person face-to-face meetings, organizations can reap significant benefits from reduced travel costs, greater productivity, and better relationships with customers and partners. for global companies, executive travel is disruptive, costly, and time-consuming. why travel to meet in person if you can communicate just as effectively through telepresence? the price tag the cisco telepresence 3000 costs approximately $300,000 for each installation, or room, plus additional support costs. by contrast, the cisco telepresence 1000 is priced at $80,000 per room. as the price of key telepresence technologies, such as plasma screens and broadband connections, will almost certainly continue to decline rapidly, cisco believes that the system will enjoy a wider array of applications, making it affordable for more organizations and even for individuals from home.discussion questions1. using the technology life cycle as a framework, propose particular marketing strategies that cisco might employ to “cross the chasm.”2. identify particular market segments that cisco might target for the telepresence product.
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