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i have to do a presentation for the project that i have attached. check the last page to see the section of the car parking. the whole structure is a car parking and i have to examine the possibilities, different options for column and slabs at level 2. the presentation has to show what options we had and which one we have chosen and reasons for these. the presentation has to be 5 minutes.

this is what we had submitted before :

i. photographs of the chosen site
ii. evidence of site history
iii. outline environmental impact assessment
iv. sketch of proposed building in context (i.e. onto photo(s))
v. topographical survey plan (showing all levels, trees, bushes, etc…)
vi. constraints that may affect the construction process.

now we have to prepare a 5 minutes powerpoint presentation. this is the marking scheme for the presentation :

clarity of presentation 10%
quality of oh / pp 10%
structure of presentation 10%
content of verbal presentation 30%
relevance material 20%
conclusion 10%

let me know if you can help me. if i am satisfied by your work i have another 2 students who are interested for your help. deadline 3 days.
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