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i have 4 questions and i need you write only one paragraph for each 3 questions (question 1,2, and 3) and dont be away from what the question required and dont write them as a general information just answer them as what it says in the question. and the last question number 4 write two paragraphs, first paragraph is preview like general information from what is the question asking for, and second paragraph is only answering the question exactly and dont be away form the question, just stay on what is the question asking about.
*note: very important please answer each question alone like individual paragraph and don't make them related to each other. make them separate paragraph and put break lines between them/after the end of the paragraph. if you want to write each paragraph in separate word document that will be better. also please numbering them or write the question before each "answering paragraph" so i can recognize the answer is for which question.
*note: dont make any paragraph very long, dont write more than 120 words in each paragraph. i need this to be done within 24 hours from now.

here is the questions:

one paragraph only dont be away from the question: 1-during the cold war the us and the ussr became nuclear superpowers and developed national security states. describe the key features and policies of these national security states. how did their relations change over time? how did superpower rivalry affect the process of decolonization in the third world?

one paragraph only dont be away from the question 2-the modern middle east emerged from the decay of the ottoman empire. discuss role played by european imperialism and the impact of western concepts of nationalism, capitalism, and socialism on traditional islamic culture in that process. how did the islamic world respond/react to western influences?

one paragraph only dont be away from the question 3-discuss the ideas on which capitalism, democracy and communism are based. explain how these ideologies shaped political, economic and social developments in asia, the americas and europe in the 20th century.

two paragraph only first preview, second answering the questions exactly and dont be away in this paragraph 4- discuss the impact of industrialization on the global balance of power. describe the relationships between industrialized and non-industrialized countries from the late-eighteenth century through the early twenty-first century. explain how factors of race and class affected these relationships.
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