clean ocean parts corporation

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scenario: costner's legal adviser, mary, convinces him to form a small corporation with her that makes replacement parts for the centrifuge equipment. mary and costner form a company called clean ocean parts corporation. they both transfer property to this new company.

a. calculate what gain, if any, costner and mary will recognize on the transfer of property for stock in clean ocean parts corporation.
b. what basis do costner and mary have in the clean ocean parts corporation?
c. what is clean ocean parts corporation’s basis in the property and services it received from them?
d. use data from the following transactions to answer these questions.

costner transfers property worth $420,000 (basis of $150,000) for 70 shares of stock in clean ocean parts corporation. mary's services are worth $15,000. she receives 30 shares for property worth $165,000 (basis of $30,000) and for legal services in organizing the corporation.
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