cloud computing infrastructure vendors

Project Description:

in this task you will discuss the business benefits, detriments, and/or risks of using cloud infrastructure for either computing or storage.


choose one vendor of cloud processor/computing infrastructure from the following:
amazon elastic compute cloud
google app engine
rackspace cloud servers
research the vendor and analyst remarks or reports about the vendor if available.
in the forum, in no more than three paragraphs, address the following:
summarize the vendor size, longevity in the market, and apparent market share.
summarize the vendor and their relative market strengths, weaknesses, and apparent target market (large business/small business/development/production).
summarize the apparent ease or difficulty of understanding the service terms and conditions used by the vendor.
you are using information you've found in another source so cite your sources using apa standard to format your citations.
post your work to the forum by the dates established by your instructor.
review and comment substantively on postings by at least two of your peers.
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