cloud storage infrastructure vendor comparison

Project Description:

in this task you will write a short paper evaluating three cloud-based storage infrastructure vendors in terms of ease of doing business, simplicity of understanding the service offering, ratings by independent analysts, and reports by other agencies.


choose three vendors from the following list as the “short listed” vendors that an enterprise is considering doing business with for cloud storage. (it is helpful to have an organization in mind with which you are familiar.)
iron mountain cloudrecovery® for microsoft® system center data protection manager (dpm)
ibm smart business storage cloud
rackspace storage
amazon simple storage service (amazon s3)
zmanda cloud backup
emc2 atmos
symantec® filestore
for each vendor:
research their websites and other available information (a good source for beginning your research can be found at cloud expo).
create an assessment table that includes the ease or difficulty of understanding the service offering, what is provided by the service, ease or difficulty with which a client engages the vendor, and ratings from outside agencies.
for each category in the assessment table, write a narrative paragraph that summarizes the observed differences across the three vendors for that category.
write a final paragraph with your recommendation for which vendor the organization you have in mind should choose. justify your answer with your analyses.
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