college writing

Project Description:

i- in a one-page (250-word) paper, address the following prompts:
a. perform each step as directed in the handout: prewrite, plan, draft, revise, and proofread.
b. clearly label each step so that it is clear how you progressed from your initial paragraph to your final version.

ii-1 write a topic sentence for each of the following subjects:
a. why are computers important tools for learning?
b. how can exercise help keep you healthy?
c. why is learning to read an important life skill?
d. describe a trip you would like to take.
2. choose two topic sentences from the four you just wrote.
a. write your supporting ideas for each of the two topic sentences. in other words, make an outline of the evidence you would use to develop your topic sentence.
b. aim to use at least four types of supporting ideas/proof, such as example, definition, analogy, and testimony.
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