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question 1. a retail department store is approximately square, 35 meters (100 feet) on each side. each wall has two entrances equally spaced apart. located at each entrance is a point-of-sale cash register. suggest a local area network solution that interconnects all eight cash registers. draw a diagram showing the room, the location of all cash registers, the wiring, the switches, and the server.

question 2. you are creating a network at home that consists of multiple computers, a high-quality printer, and a router with access to high-speed internet connection. surely you do not need windows server 2008 or oes/netware, but is there a particular desktop operating system that can be installed on each computer that will optimize the operations of your home network?

question 3. one form of congestion avoidance is the permit system, in which a node must have a permit before it can transmit. suppose a wide area network is using the permit system to control congestion. what happens if, for some unknown reason, all the permits disappear? how can this event be detected? how can this event be repaired?
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