commentary paper on hiv/aids and global effect (problem present in the continent of africa)

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apa format. title page, abstract page, body paragraphs, and references page. (intro, the 4-5 supporting arguments, and conclusion) must be 6 pages of text not including the title, abstract and references page. a minimum of 2 secondary sources, should have 7-12 citations. *sources should be from a scholarly or professional database (.gov, .edu,.org)
title page - apa format
abstract - 250 words with key words
***intro - engaging main topic, 3/4 of a page, state purpose, thesis. explain current event or issue, objective.
body - 4-5 paragraphs supporting issue from greatest of importance to least, clarification 1 paragraph not broad (restate main points)
clarification - rephrase thesis stronger, point out new information logically, break stereotypes
conclusion - mini intro, look into future of issue***
***6 pages of text, no plagiarism, paragraphs must be 5-7 sentences long***
references - apa format, minimum of 2 secondary sources
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