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hi i have art discussion and comments for you : for the greeks, the body was the visible means of conveying perfection, but like their ever changing philosophies, the representation of the human form changed throughout the different periods of greek art. use the following two sculptures listed below to examine the development of human representation in sculpture and the philosophy and principles behind their form. important terms to include in your discussion: pythagoras symmetry contrapposto proportions harmony of opposites see the pictures in the attachments the first picture figure 5-40 polykleitos, doryphoros (spear bearer). roman marble copy from pompeii, italy, after a bronze original of ca. 450–440 bce, 6’ 11” high. museo archeologico nazionale, naples. the second picture: figure 5-65 lysippos, apoxyomenos (scraper). roman marble copy of a bronze original of ca. 330 bce, 6’ 9” high. musei vaticani, rome
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