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) the following items were shown on the balance sheet of martin corporation on december 31, 2012:

stockholders' equity
paid-in capital
capital stock
common stock, $5 par value, 500,000 shares
authorized; ______ shares issued and ______ outstanding $2,000,000
additional paid-in capital
in excess of par value 120,000
total paid in capital 2,120,000
retained earnings 500,000
total paid-in capital and retained earnings 2,120,000
less: treasury stock (20,000 shares) (240,000)
total stockholders' equity $1,880,000

complete the following statements and show your computations.
(a) the number of shares of common stock issued was _______________.

(b) the number of shares of common stock outstanding was ____________.

(c) the total sales price of the common stock when issued was $____________.

(d) how much did the treasury stock cost per share? $_______________
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