communication framework and training plan

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in your summary, discuss the adaptation of your plan of action to the two areas of focus that are not addressed in your plan, and what changes you would make in order to reach the target audiences in those other two areas of focus. (alternative audience)

adaptation example

a) adapt the technical communication

artifact to more successfully meet the needs of the target audience that was identified. be sure to apply the guidelines that you established. [it-520-03]


explain what you did to adapt the communication and the reasoning for your changes. this will serve as the explanation to the management team so that they understand the greater context of the adaptation. be sure to explain how the guidelines you have established were applied. [it-520-03]

c) now consider an

alternative audience that might receive the technical communication, and analyze their dispositions and needs for communication. adapt the communication to this new audience and explain your steps to your team. how successful will this adaptation be in delivering the intended message to your new audience? [it-520-04]
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