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you recently paid $250 to keller & jenkins for adding a provision in your will to establish a scholarship endowment at your alma mater. while eating lunch in a crowded restaurant, abigail kemp, a clerk at keller & jenkins, stopped by your table to commend you on your planned generosity. although no harm was intended, you were placed in the uncomfortable position of explaining the clerk’s comments to your lunch guests. keller & jenkins provides its clients with a bill of rights that clearly states that client information will be kept strictly confidential.

your task is to write a modified block letter to h. daniel keller, the lawyer who performed the legal work for you. inform him of the situation and seek a full refund for the legal services.

letters must contain all parts listed in the example of the modified block letter in the stylecard section of the back of your textbook or by visiting the sample letter area of this course.

•inside address
•body (at least 3 paragraphs; opening, body, and conclusion)
•complimentary close
•signature block

remember to set your tab at 3.5" for the date and signature block.

it is critical that you read and understand the differences between the "direct" and "indirect" approach of writing before completing task. this will enhance your understanding of when to utilize each of the above approach and how to structure your letter. in addition, you will understand when to state your request first and then provide facts as opposed to presenting your facts / details first and then stating your request.

if necessary, be prepared to perform additional research to facilitate a good understanding of when and why you would use each approach. a clear understanding of the differences will enhance your grades for this and the next task since you will be able to structure your letter appropriately.
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