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1.the local cancer society is beginning a community-awareness campaign. the text states that executives are the face of the organization. in your awareness campaign, discuss three tactics aimed at the community that would add to the visibility of your executive.
2.of the three tactics you just identified, selecte the most difficult to execute, explain your rationale.
3.recommend at least one possible course of action for mediating the difficulty you described above.
4.distinguish between guerilla marketing, permission marketing, and word-of-mouth marketing.
5.choose one of these techniques and discuss three examples from a particular industry (for example, retail, transportation, or food) where companies have used this particular tactic.
6.evaluate the success of the tactics described. discuss what might have been done to make the tactic even more succesful
7.determine the three (3) key communication concepts you have gained from this class.
8.explain the strengths and weaknesses of each.
9. propose how do you expect to use these concepts in your organization.
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