company analysis and valuation research

Project Description:

content guide for written company analysis and valuation research paper
use these subheadings:
introduction (brief – 1/2 page)
investment thesis
overview of the contents of the paper to follow

overview of company (brief – 1/2 page)
history and principal strategic objectives
primary financial ratios related to performance and valuation

industry overview and analysis (brief – 1/2 page)
analysis of industry and opportunities for growth
principal competitors in the industry
evaluate position of company in the industry and how its competitive position and strategic
plans are likely to affect company and stock values

financial analysis for valuations (3 to 4 pages)
financial ratio analysis [3-5 years of financial performance data]
historical ratio analysis [ratios related to valuation]
cross-sectional ratio analysis
comparisons to comparable company averages w/std deviation
use tables & figures (graphs) to present valuation data for analysis
explain what results mean for analysts and investors
income valuation by discounted cash flow model
1. free cash flow - use macabus fcf – equity equation; use or other fcf to firm and fcf to equity model (income valuation)
make sure all input variables are justified
explain what results mean for analysts and investors

relative valuation by market comparables
relative valuation - use textbook valuation by comparables model or instructor ranking model – show all work and references
explain what results mean for analysts and investors

development and defense of investment thesis (1 to 2 pages)
recommend buy, sell, or hold
demonstrate critical thinking about recommendation
present strengths and weaknesses of the recommendation
assure that recommendation is supported by logic, comparative
analysis and valuations

summary / conclusion (1/2 page)
review principal observations and conclusions
review final recommendation
no new information is introduced in this section.

paper includes: 8-10pages of narrative; spreadsheet w/3-5 years of financial data; citations/references for all sources; show all work for calculations; checklist
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