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read the managing the magic case study and follow the instructions below to complete the task.
using the internet to find two additional books or articles about management practices at disney. create
apa references for your sources within your paper, and include a reference list at the end of your paper.
 write at least a two to three page paper that explains your researched responses to the following questions:
o what is the disney difference, and how will it affect the company’s corporate, competitive, and functional strategies?
o what challenges do you think disney might face doing business in russia? how could iger and his top
management team use planning to best prepare for those challenges?
o with the announced expansion of disney’s hong kong disneyland, what goals might the company set?
o how might iger and his top management team use the strategic management process to “keep the magic
coming” in the current economic climate?
o at the time this case was written, disney planned to expand to hong kong to boost attendance figures. was this plan implemented (does hong kong disney exist), and, if so, has it been a good move for disney? why or why not?

please submit the completed assessment to the week 2 assessment area as a word attachment.
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