compare and contrast two companies (u.s company and a foriegn company)

Project Description:

this outline for a presentation containing the following elements in respect of the foreign entity:
a) business strategy analysis:
- swot (including possible business risks)
- how would these affect accounting reporting?
b) accounting analysis:
- make reference to the criteria stated on pg 286 of your textbook. you don't have to include all these points, but whatever is applicable and provide a well rounded analysis.
- compare and contrast with u.s. gaap financial statements/accounting standards/disclosure (from selected u.s. company.
c) financial analysis & cash flows (free cash flow, cash debt coverage ration, etc., you may want to refer to intermediate accounting or finance textbooks).
- compare accounting standards: enumerate major differences.
- compare ratios.
- what are differences in ratios attributed to?
d) prospective analysis.
- forecasting
- valuation
refer to pp 292-295 of the textbook.
e) challenges and limitations encountered in this analysis, and how did you deal with these?
f) what are your recommendations for future studies/analyses?
g) list of references

for the swot analysis, the analysis is focused on the economic, social, cultural, and legal environment where the company conducts its main operation (headquartered).

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