comparing first-movers in technology

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**analyze the key ways in which intel and microsoft capitalized on and reaped substantial first-mover advantages in pioneering new technologies. provide a rationale to support your response.
**compare intel’s and microsoft’s strategies in terms of their ability to profit from innovation. next, analyze the manner in which shifts in new technologies revolutionized the structure of the industry, increasing profitability and growth through global expansion. provide a rationale to support your response.

**please use the 2 videos below to answer the questions. please make sure not to quote wikipedia or investopedia. this is due no later than tuesday afternoon 02/10/2015 @ 1.00 pm est. i can pay $20.**

video source: intelfreepress (2011, october 7). quantum computing can't outthink us [video file]. retrieved from
video source: microsoft (2012, february 27). techforum 2012: a new age of personal computing [video file]. retrieved from
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