compensation management in a knowledge-based world by richard i. henderson

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part 1: compensation management in a knowledge-based world, chapter 1, 3 and 5. provide a brief (5 – 6 well developed sentences) synopsis of the chapters you just reviewed. also list the top three areas that you felt were important from the chapters that you reviewed with an explanation as to why you felt they were important.

part 2: the textbook compensation management in a knowledge-based world spends several pages defining important legislation that affects employment in the u.s. (see pp. 81-105). choose 1 piece of legislation (act or amendment) from one of the following sections:
wage & hour legislation, pension & benefits legislation, antidiscrimination legislation

briefly explain the legislation in your own words, discuss whether it has achieved the intended effect on employee’s rights and compensation, and explain how you might recommend strengthening this legislation. incorporate applicable current events into your discussion.
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