Project Description: does the author define 'family'? how would you distinguish a 'family' from a 'household'? why is this distinction important for rayna rapp?

2.what is the function of the household? how does one enter into a household? does rayna rapp define social class? are families organized differently by social class?describe the historical studies on working-class families, and the social organization of these kinds of
families. elaborate on the roles of men, women and children in the lower-class family.
* social class
* mother and father role relationship
* child-rearing philosophy and main family values
* role of kin and friends

5.explain the meaning and significance of 'fictive' kinship for the lower-class family. what does the term 'pooling' mean? how does pooling, 'according to
rayna rapp, restrict social mobility?

6.what does the author mean by the 'middle' class? how are the middle-class households different from the lower-class? are the roles the same or different?do these households practice 'pooling'? would the upper-class family vary from the middle-class family?

8.what are the main differences between these three family types? how does social class and ethnicity influence the way families are organized? your opinion, why is rayna rapp challenging the ideology of the family? why do we continue to marry and create families?

10.which class of family would you expect to have the highest rate of divorce? why?
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