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after deciding to incorporate, each of the three investors receives 20,000 shares of $2 par common stock on june 12, 2011, in exchange for their co-owned building ($200,000 fair value) and $100,000 total cash they contributed to the business. the next decision that mindy, oscar, and lori need to make is how to obtain financing for renovation and equipment. they understand the different between equity securities and debt securities, but do not understand that tax, net income, and earnings per share consequences of equity versus debt financing on the future of their business.
(b) prepare notes for a discussion with the three entrepreneurs in which the consequences of using equity versus debt financing. as part of your notes, show the differences in interest and tax expense assuming $1,400,000 is financed with common stock, and then alternatively with debt. assume that when common stock is used., 140,000 shares will be issued. when debt is used, assume the interest rate on debt is 9%, the tax eate is 32%, and income before interest and taxes is $300,000. (you may want to use an electronic spreadsheet.)
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