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create a 6 slide power point presentation containing slides that talk about the following:

create a slide about your favorite season of the year and why it is you favorite season. list any holidays that occur in that season.

create a slide about your favorite musical artist must contain a photo of the artist and a video clip or actionable url.

create a slide about your favorite sport, include the team or athlete you enjoy, include location of either athlete via a map image use a team logo or sport logo in that single slide background.

create a slide about your favorite food, include where it is from, and include a recipe or video clip of its preparation. include the cost of making it at home and the cost of buying it at a restaurant.

create a slide about your favorite or most feared animal. where does the animal come from is it real of mythical. how big is it? it is height and weight when it is full grown. when did you know how you felt about the animal? is it poisonous or non-poisonous? where did you meet the animal? (at a house, in school, is it a pet, in a movie, etc.)

summarize your five slides by taking one sentence from each slide to convey your idea about that slide.
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