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connections essay guidelines
overview: by the end of the term, you will write two (2) “connections” essays. these essays are an opportunity to connect a philosopher, philosophical idea, or philosophical issue that we have studied in phi 110 to something else that interests you, which might include ideas or issues in other classes you are taking, current events, or pop culture (or, “high culture” for that matter, too).
these guidelines apply to both essays.
technical guidelines: 1. your essay should be 3-4 pages double-spaced in a standard 10 or 12 pt font (like times new roman, arial, or tahoma) with your name, the date, the class name (beginning philosophy), and a title appearing at the top. please use page numbers and bind your paper with a staple or paper clip.
2. you should list any outside sources you use (i.e. anything not assigned as reading in class) at the end of the essay. use any citation method you prefer. if you don’t know what citation method you prefer, then use chicago style. here’s a link to the chicago style citation quick guide: (if you cite obscure songs or films, it might help to mention who the author/album or director is and the date when such things first appeared.)
content guidelines:
3. select one philosopher, philosophical idea, or philosophical issue that we have studied in class so far that connects in some compelling way to ideas or issues in other classes you are taking (this may also include ideas and issues in the profession you hope to work in), current events, or culture (“pop” or “high” culture). what exactly is the connection? does the philosophy shed light on some problem in this other area? does some song or film help to explore some philosophical issue we’ve studied in class?
4. why should your reader be interested in this connection, too? (so, motivate the connection you’ve made as something that, while it matters to you, is a connection that others might want to pay attention to, too.) write as if the audience is your peers. but write clearly, and don’t be too chatty. (and whatever you do, don’t rant.)
5. in making a compelling connection, you want to be sufficiently detailed and to use examples and illustrations. review the relevant ideas from the philosophy that your are discussing in order to help show the connection. you should also, of course, write clear sentences and proofread (or have someone else proofread) your essay before you turn it in.
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