constitutional law

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this paper is due may 30th
present a 5 page paper on a constitutional law issue of your choice. the paper must present an argument based on a constitutional issue or case with reference to the book, classroom discussions and outside reading material. it can be on an important case or amendment and requires an analysis of the constitutional issue. the important thing is to have the paper include critical reasoning and thinking. the paper is due the last day of classes. rough drafts and ideas can be presented to the professor up until one week before the paper is due. you must use two other sources besides the textbook.

the first page should be an explanation of the issue and the history of this issue, including why this is a constitutional issue. the second page should explain how you interpret the constitution on this issue and why you interpret the constitution in this way. the third page should be an explanation of how the other side interprets the constitution on this issue. the fourth page should explain why your interpretation is correct and why the other side is incorrect. the final page should be a summary of your argument and why your interpretation of the constitution is correct.

please dont use any plagirissm work
please include in the essay apa format
also use different examples and quotes with clearly explanation

also dont use a very smart english words use as a freshman
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