construction management

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directions: be sure to make a copy of your answer before submitting it to ashworth college for grading. unless otherwise stated, answer in complete sentences, and be sure to use correct english spelling and grammar. sources must be cited in apa format.
to increase your knowledge of the field, write a two to three page essay concerning two actual lawsuits where the architect/engineer had knowledge of the unsafe condition that fatally injured a worker. the first case is carvalho v. toll brothers and developers (nj 1996). here, the architect/engineer was found liable. the second case is herczeg v. hampton township municipal authority and bankson engineers (pa 2001). in this case, the architect/engineer was not found liable. you should begin your essay by describing the event causing the fatality in each case. next, describe the defense of each of the architect/engineers. employ the knowledge you learned from your reading to explain why the architect/engineer went with this defense. next, your essay should point out the key differences between these cases, and how the key differences likely produced the different outcomes. you can type these two case names to retrieve multiple hits and articles about them. however, the link below also contains all of the information needed to write this essay.

this task must be a neat, professional presentation on this subject. proper punctuation, spelling, and usage of grammar are imperative.
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