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for this project, you are to develop a written safety program. it should begin with a safety policy statement that could be used by a small construction company. additionally, develop a corresponding set of safety rules for the company’s safety program. your written program should make it clear that safe work practices are expected of all employees, at all levels, and at all times but you may also include any safety subject from the previous lessons that would be important to a small construction company.

after completing your written program, contact a local, small construction company and speak to a person in a managerial position connected with safety concerns. tell them about this project. ask if they would consider looking at your written safety program and providing any feedback. when you submit the written program to the school, include a one-page addendum to your written program that briefly describes the construction company contacts you made and a summary of the feedback you received. this writing task will give you a very real experience in developing a written safety program. the feedback you will get from a construction company professional will be invaluable. one further note: try to balance your safety program when it comes to details—too many, and you will quickly lose the interest and compliance of the employee, but too little detail may actually make the workplace unsafe for employees. keep this in mind when you’re deciding what important elements to include in your safety program.
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