Project Description:

scenario: your boss at amalgamated megacorp inc. (ltd) has decided you will head up a new project: finding a popular culture artifact from the past and remaking it.

your boss wants you to create a preliminary proposal that includes the following:

choose a tv series, a film, a song, or a comic book – pretty much any media – to reboot/remake. choose something that reflects your strengths and interests and have fun with it!
2. identify a celebrity (one---only one) who will have a key part in this project.

briefly explain who the celebrity is and why they are a celebrity

describe what they will do for the project

explain what audience they will reach.

3. choose a method (one---only one) of advertising or promoting your reboot/remake.

define who your core audience is

describe how your choice of advertising will target and connect with your intended audience

4. explain how this project will connect to the audience’s everyday experiences and/or a commonly shared special event.

5. explain what meaning you expect the audience will take from this project.
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Price Type: Fixed

Project Budget: $10 to $20
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