corporate strategy

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corporate strategy
developing a strategic direction, supported by the necessary reallocation of resources and coordinated business unit plans, and designing a sustainable strategy development process.

companies face a multitude of challenges when designing and executing corporate strategies. many fail to distinguish a strategic review from the annual budgeting process, or lack adequate processes for strategic planning. we have a set of core capabilities and tools that can help clients strengthen their strategies at the enterprise level.
portfolio strategy and resource allocation
many companies manage their portfolios through the annual review of a single over-arching budget. but such an approach can turn portfolio management into simply a series of budgeting exercises, hiding the true range of strategic options that a company has and obscuring individual initiatives and their risks. companies can make high-level corrections this way, but cannot create a truly balanced portfolio.
senior managers today face an extremely dynamic environment that requires vigilant scrutiny and nimble management practices. senior strategy executives, in particular, have pointed to the need to better manage uncertainty in strategy development through flexible and adaptive strategic management practices. this requires on-going dialogue on strategic issues, as well as the ability to execute a new strategic plan. highly effective organizations have few barriers to reallocating resources and implementing their corporate strategies. however, most organizations struggle to implement their plans, with one year's budget allocation being, by far, the largest predictor of the next year's allocation.
strategic portfolio management requires companies to generate growth through investment in existing businesses, developing or acquiring new businesses, and exiting unprofitable ones. doing so effectively requires taking a comprehensive approach to resource allocation. we help clients define an optimal portfolio mix by looking closely at their current mix of assets, their capabilities, and their aspirations in light of the evolving marketplace.
strategic management and planning
companies often struggle with their strategic management and planning processes. they might find it challenging to reconcile short-term tactical moves with long-term strategic goals, or have difficulty building the capabilities needed to execute their strategies. we helps companies strengthen their strategy development processes, enhance overall strategic decision-making, and improve execution. we can support clients in designing tailored solutions to specific issues or in fully redesigning their approach to strategic management and planning.
a critical part of enhancing the planning process is improving overall strategic decision-making capabilities. left unchecked, subconscious biases such as excessive optimism, groupthink, and loss aversion will undermine strategic decision-making.
behavioral strategy provides a perspective on—and a way to mitigate the impact of—the biases that are often inherent in clients’ decision-making processes.
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