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2. the following information was taken from both the records of the slidell corporation for the month of july. (there were no inventories of work in process or finished goods on july 1.)
units cost
sales during month 8,000 $ ???
manufacturing costs for month:
direct material 32,000
direct labor 20,000
overhead costs applied 15,000
overhead costs under-applied 800
inventories july 31:
work in process 1,000 $ ???
finished goods 2,000 $ ???

indirect manufacturing costs are applied on a direct labor cost basis. the under-applied balance is due to seasonal variations and will be carried forward. the following cost estimates have been submitted for the work in process inventory of july 31: material. $3,000; direct labor, $2,000.


a. determine the number of units that were completed and transferred to finished goods during the month.
b. complete the estimate of the cost of work in process on july 31.
c. compute cost of goods manufactured for the month.
d. determine the cost of each unit completed during the month.
e. determine the total amount debited to the overhead control accounts during the month.
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