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white star flour company manufactures flour by a series of three processes, beginning with wheat grain being introduced in the milling department. from the milling department, the materials pass through the sifting and packaging departments, emerging as packaged refined flour.

the balance in the account work in process sifting department was as follows on may 1, 2012:
work in process- sifting department (800 units, 3/5 complete)
direct materials (800 x 3/5 x $0.65) $1,800
conversion (800 x 3/5 x $0.65) $312

the following costs were charged to work in process sifting department during may:
direct materials transferred from milling department
14,200 units at $2.35 a unit $33,370
direct labor $6,100
factory overhead $3,924

during may, 14,000 units of flour were completed. work in process sifting department on may 31 was 1,000 units, 4/5 completed.

1. prepare a cost of production report for the sifting department for may. if an amount is zero, enter 0. if required, round your cost per equivalent unit answers to nearest cent.

2. journalize the entries for costs transferred from milling to sifting and the costs transferred from sifting to packaging.

3. determine the increase or decrease in the cost per equivalent unit from april to may for direct materials and conversion costs.

4. discuss the uses of the cost of production report and the resuts of part (3).
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